Unfinished books

"When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful" what can I say, I have plenty of these. All is junk.

Lelan Kirk

I started this as a classic when I had my first Jane Austen experience. It takes place in England and France in the 19th century. Surprise it's about a girl, actually two whose mother has died and their father is an actor and has to travel a lot with his profession so he has left his two daughters Lelan and Ellen to live with his friend's family in this huge mansion called Mare house. In Mare house life is very strict and the girls aren't allowed to play around. They take lessons with the family Abbot's children. Lelan also studies acting. Lelan's world falls apart when she's rushed to meet his father that has had a stroke of some kind, but never makes there in time, or so she is told. The funeral takes place in sea (James Bond style) and she never sees her father's body. When the ship is caught in a storm in the canal they force it to land in France. In France Lelan starts to realise that she's in the middle of a conspiracy and has been betrayed by all those people she trusted. She's been kidnapped and she doesn't know why. With the help of a complete stranger Lelan is able to return England to realise that she is actually the only heiress of a great fortune and that the man that she thought was her father isn't truly dead.

I always thought that this is the worst of my starting for a book but now when I think of it, It's also the only time when I had the whole story in my head when I started writing it. And that's something. More than I can say of the rest of these. When I started Lelan Kirk it was supposed to have a sister book written in the view of Lelan's sister Ellen. It would have been interest to see what happened to her when their kind of father supposedly died. Maybe. We'll never know.

Sipulikujan Kesä

This I made with my mother. I wrote half of the chapters and she wrote the rest. It was kind of a fantasy world based on reality where I owned a pet store on this Sipulikuja (Onion lane) and she owned an art supply store crossed the street. My mother paints very well and I wanted to have lots of pets back then. Unfortunately I can't because of my allergy. In this book the people are sort of mixations of real persons. We started it when my brother didn't even have a name so around the year 1992 I think.

Katariina Elinabeth- woman in her 30s that owns her own pet store. Is divorced. Oh and is a thriatlonist.

Raisa Mäkkut- Artist and art shop owner. Divorced but now remarried.

Mikael Gorbatsoh- Raisa's ex who lives in Russia.

Reinhard Harlekiini- Katariina's ex- husband from USA. Their marriage lasted for a week.

Karl Mäkkut- wonderful car racist, owns a porche. Has an indoor cat called Sweetie who only eats lungs. He has a pen in which one end comes yellow and the other purple ink. He lives in Monaco like all the racers.

Vesk Mäkkut- Raisa's husband, Karl's brother.

Päivi Kyllönen- Katariina's assistant in her shop. Named after my friend in primary school. Has a crush on Karl.

Heidi Määttä- Raisa's assistant in her song named after my childhood friend. Doesn't get along with Päivi. 19 years old, also has a crush on Karl.

Green Holes high School

This was a project I started on the summer of 97 and continued it to the fall. Green holes high is my longest starting of a book, it actually has more than two chapters=) Inspiration propably came from the TV series Beverly hills 90210 or that type of high school ideals. As all of my books then are about a girl or people trying to desperately find someone to love. In Green holes high there were way too much characters that I could handle so it got out of hands. Here are some of the main ones. The plot is easily explained through the characters because it was a really simple and mindless story.

Norma Middle- She was the star girl who lived on a beach and had brains, money, looks, all that heroine stuff. She had a cat called Nicodemus and she loved Kevin Costner.

Catherine- Norma's best friend. Dated X. She always said something witty. Very independent and beautiful.

Oddie Brown- Catherine's step brother, bit of a clumsy thing who was the only person who actually dated Norma 'till I stopped writing. He also was in a hospital because he threw butterscotch all over him during some home economics lesson when he was thinking of Norma. He made a big mistake and was seen with another girl after his date with Norma and he broke her heart. The other girl didn't mean anything, he was in love with Norma all along but I don't think he would have gotten her, there were too many better candidates.

Harry Blackwood- School's definitely best looking guy who was smart too but he had started dating Sarah god knows why and people didn't understand it very much. A potential boyfriend for Norma

Sarah- Harry's girlfriend, a babe but not smart. Actually quite stupid for a girl. Her main point was to present an obstacle between Norma and Harry

Mr. Middle- Norma's dad was very rich and obsessed with golf. He was the caring-loving type father, because Norma couldn't have anymore problems in her life than to get her heart broken from time to time. He always said: " Oh, what a battle of souls" about everything.

Why I never finished this book was probably the mother of all reasons: It didn't interest me anymore that much. And it got out of hands. I didn't know how to get the actions to a point that something could actually make the people do some actions. I had a thought in my mind that I need to tell everything that happened to the persons and no, I couldn't just jump over some happenings no matter how boring they were. In other words I didn't know a shit about novel writing then No that I do now, but then it was so adorably desperate. To even try.


This didn't have a name for a long time. I got this idea to draw some images of some persons and then write something about their life. This same method was used in Green Holes high when I actually made all 11 classes that was in that school I draw all their faces and bodies and then glued them together like class photos. This one though didn't have quite as many people in it, thank god.

Susanna Räihä- The star girl. A dancer. Does charity. Misses her ex-bf.

Pete Mols- Susanna's dancing partner, not her bf. Has a big dog. Likes Susanna.

Crish Pytövaara- 17 years old, Susanna had left him when she had seen him with Assi. Now he dates her but still loves Susanna.

Madelaine- Is kind of crish's half sister. Their parents loped together but were killed and now Madelaine and Crish live together for the memory. (Does this sound familiar? At least it's LAME) Kind of Susanna's best friend.

Carin von Firks- Local countess, lives in a palace.

Veikko Veiterä- Carin's butler.

Kriina Patrikainen- Outcast of this society. Lives with men, usually.

Masi Tussanainen- alcoholic, drunken homeless guy, who had killed his wife and been to jail for it. Unfortunately he had sung a song about a bad car for a long time and he had been released from prison because the cops couldn't take it anymore (Makes sense?=))

Ted Candy- A looker that Madelaine and Susanna met in a bar. He's just moved into town. Madelaine fell for him from the first second.