Somewhere in 2002 or so, I met Vantte, who introduced me to Rinki, which at the time seemed like a good idea to participate in. Rinki contains people who have something to give artistically. Perhaps it is a song, or a poem, short story or a film, cartoon or a book. These people form the Rinki and the idea is that there's a package of artwork going around in the circle. When the package reaches you, you send feedback about the art pieces that other people have put into the package. Then you put in your own piece of art and sent the package to the next person. This way you get feedback, comments and critic about your works and hopefully can evolve artistically. Also you get to experience other people's art and on a good day, maybe even get some friends.

I've been to the rinki for years now, and people have joined it and left it and there's been a discussion about it becoming all electrical like a websociety. I have gotten good encouragement as well as rough critisism about my works and I have gotten some wonderful experiences with the other people's works in it. If you have something you'd like to share with people and you don't mind giving feedback, contact me about joining Rinki. There's less than 10 people in it now in autumn 2006 and we are always looking for newbies. Rinki takes about three nights per year of your time, so I don't consider it as a very demanding hobby. Perhaps someone else might disagree.