Firstly, a list of poem collections that I have written.

  • Nocturne Borealis - Runoja vuoteen 2001 mennessä
  • Elämä pienempää kuin Epislon - Runoja vuodelta 2002
  • Arvet - Runoja vuodelta 2003
  • No Show Snow - Poems from the year 2003
  • Pieniä, Sinisiä miehiä trikoissa - Runoja vuodelta 2004
  • Little Blue Men in Pyjamas - Poems from the year 2004
  • Ausku - Runoja vuodelta 2005
  • Auscu - Poems from the year 2005
  • Jarrutuksia - Runoja vuodelta 2006
  • Breaking - Poems from the year 2006

Since I could write, poems have been a part of my life. Since 2001 I have written a collection per year, printed about 20 to 40 of my poems from that year in Finnish. From 2003 I've also published an English collection that contains some of the poems translated from the Finnish collection that year as well as orgiginally in English written ones.

I do these collections because it's a clear and simple christmas greeting. Yes, it is a lot of work, but also if you think about how much time one spents in the stores, looking for presents to give to people, one soon realises that it's not that time-consuming. Also I like the thought that I can give it to 50 people and that way give something original, a little more than a card.

It's also a good thing for reflecting about your life, looking at what you've been doing, what you may want to be doing and what you should do about it. So when I write my poems, it's about keeping me sane, as well as keeping my friends and family informed about the crazy mysteries that go on in my head. When I finnish the collection (which I also have binded myself with very elementary equipment), I tend to think that I have already gained what I was looking for from it. What the reader gains, is always a plus. I think it's very nice to hear what people think and what they might get from reading the poems, but I also give them out without an obligation to give anything back. I don't want to pressure people to give feedback or even take their time reading it. I only give the collections to people who have already given me something into my life. I don't want the poem collections to be a burden present, but a chance to take a peek into me, in case some one wants and has the time. Kind of like this website. Time in this world is so precious, that if you actually take all that time to learn about me, then you deserve to know what I think or am like.

In case you would like to know more or read some of them, contact me.