About this page

I have had a website from the summer of 2001, a year after I started my studies in the University of Jyväskylä. The site changed its outlook in 2003 and after graduating, I decided it was time to tell a new story about me. Like the person, this website has grown up in the process, or at least I would like to think so. The main reason to renew these pages in 2006 was that I wanted to show things that I have devoted my freetime for and share some life with persons that possibly don't have time to get in touch with me or live far away. After graduation, website is a good place to hold information about your career as well as the other activities that you might have. Also the need for a forum/blog link collection has considerably grown lately and I feel like that should be somewhere in the web just for me.

This site will be for the next one year, under the name of kati.maki-kuutti.fi and depending on my possible change of a name in 2007, the host might also change. Maki-Kuutti.fi domain is property of Timo Mäki-Kuutti, my uncle, from who I have purchased this space.

This is what I have written previously about the site:

Ok. First, thank you for visiting. I started to make these pages in july 01, when I didn't have a summer job or any lectures, so I needed to do something to keep me busy. The inspiration I mainly got from some nice home pages. These days it's like you don't really exist if you don't have at least your own pages and three e-mail addresses, and it's most useful to have more info in a concept of homepages. So here it is all the junk of and in my life.

I made this second outlook and started calling these pages "Pidgeon rain" in the summer of 2003. The name comes from my trip to Cracow. I've been feeling more like grey, so I gave up the black for the grey. This new outlook also consist loads of new material and some of the old has been taken off. I was termined to make three separate pages for the biggest entities in my life, for Kempo, for camplife and for Buffy=)

About the rights, Everything here belongs to me, if isn't differently mentioned. If you need to borrow something please ask first. Specially I would like to be asked about the pictures. ~Kati