Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a japanese martial art which I started in 2000, when I came to study in Jyväskylä. I had tried it before, but I didn't have the mind commitment until I was 19 to start practising. I got my black belt in the spring of 2005 and I'm currently studying for my second dan examination.


I started tennis when I was about 13 and and I had quit gymnastics. After a couple of years I got into a boy's group where I met my soon to be best friend, Tero. Tero and I practised throughout our High School together and we had private lessons even. I would say that I can play, but I haven't been practising since I went to Jyväskylä to study. In 2006 I started to practise tennis again, when I found a work collegue who was interested in it and wasn't just a beginner. I also got a car, which made it possible to reach a tennis hall. Unfortunately, tennis is not something that you can comfortably play with a beginner, like for example badminton. But I am very exited about the prospect of playing at least once a week now.

Downhill skiing

I've downhill skied since I was six years old. I love doing it, even if it is hard when you only do it for a couple of times a year. I usually downhill ski at Ylläs, when I go there once a year with my family.


Like many things in life, I found skiing when I had gotten some distance between learning it on a school gym class. I like skiing and I hope the time for skiing would be more than two months in Jyväskylä, but that is usually the case. January and February are the two skiing months in here. Once I had a goal of skiing 100 kilometres before Ylläs, but normally I only get up to 50. My usual route is 4,4kilometres. And it's only 3 minutes walk to the track from my door.


This I haven't done for a while, but I enjoy it. There's a track on lake Jyväs normally in the skiing months and it's a rare pleasure I think that one could skate home from work like I could.


In 2003 I think, Mila and I started going swimming once a week. It's a good opportunity to catch up on gossip as well as excersise at the same time. Now a days working distrupts our swims sometimes, but it's still one of the most useful ways to spend one's time I think. The normal amount is 1100metres for us.


I've been known to bowl. It's a fun thing to do, but haven't had a chance of it lately. It doesn't really fit my schedule.


Sports that I would like to do:

Sword fighting

I've considered this a lot and when I'll have the time, I'll start sword fighting. At the moment I'm concentrating on Kempo. I would like to learn coreocraphies of film fights and so on. Not really interested in killing anything or so. I am more into the way it looks on screen.


I need to learn more of the basic dances before the wedding obviously.