Travel Journal of July-August 2005 Worldcon Experience

This is the travel journal site of Kati Mäki-Kuutti's trip to England and Scotland in July and August 2005

This site contains pictures that I took and the journalnotes that I wrote during my trip. As the headline points out a big portion of that trip was a Worldcon in Glasgow. You can find the Worldcon lore at SCOTLAND section. Some of my pictures are taken by other people with my camera.

I am a Finnish fan and this was my first worldcon. I was in the worldcon merely to enjoy and meet people. Well, and to perform as a photographer. I didn't have any responsibilities, but I repect those who made the con happen. You deserve all you can get. My attitude was that I will take this con as an observation point of view and I believe I did learn a huge deal about the universe and everything. I have taken a part on making a couple of Finncons happen so I was really just kind of sucking up all the bits and pieces of how we could make a better con here in Finland. The next Finncon in my hometown Jyväskylä, is at the 13th to 15th of July in 2007. More info about me.

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27th July

Our first trip via plane together. I managed to be at home for Mr Cock-up but then again, so did my train schedule. Our lovely train ride got us to Pirkkala on time, but it meant waiting for an hour and a half in the middle of nowhere for a new veturi and getting a taxi for free with a blind woman who didn't make it for her flight to Riga for some bizarre reason. It has been interesting. Stay on the channel, folks!

28th July

Big commentary day. We were quite tired but managed to drag our itchy bodies to the city. Policemen were patrolling in every single tube station, and there was hardly any population when we reached Oxford Street. I shopped myself a manly pair of men's shoes and my left foot immediately thanked me for the pleasantness of not having to walk with a broken sandal. It was very hot and a bit horrible before we got to Thai Cottage where I could change into my finnpants and get some food in the system. Food, though, as gorgeous as it was, went through our finn-exposed systems way too fast. Jonathan even had to go between his commentary. I was in a fluffy couch studio with lovely Englishmen, so I was feeling all right. That's Casshan done. Edgar and Jerome, both great - at five we left into the Polar Bear. The only non smoking pub in London. Next to Chinatown, too, and not crowded. We met “the other Simon” there and the night I thought would end quite shortly turned into a prolonged fest o fsix rounds of beer and wine. I enjoyed myself and, dare I say it, more than usual with the crowd of writers. Not that I don't love Hugh or Louis, or Jason, or you know. It's usually less to do with the people we see, and more with the way they inspire me to behave. I guess as it was my first day in London since January I was feeling so energetic, sparky and cheery. Good day.

29th July

The second anniversary day. We have woken up, Jonathan has done laundry and tried to fix his broken phone line. I ran a bath and got into black goodness of finnpants and top world. I have so far gotten eyes dropping drivers, a Muslim girl, deep-covered with a scarf, and a religious very black lady telling me that I have a nice legs and body I should never hide. And oh, that God blesses me. I suppose that's London. London is also a gay café breakfast with a lovely ciabatta con (Brad piss), l'orange juis, and coffee. I am happy.

For the rest of our shopping trip, I managed to have a black man hitting on me and a small girl punching me to my stomach. I better check my reflexes some time soon. We bought breakfast and I had a three-hour nap on the sofa. Anniversary's most awaited event was of course the curry: mushroom bhaji!!! And chicken tikka. We saw a weirdo Hong Kong movie about a girl stalker (Chungking Express). Was kinda nice, I would have acted just like her, I suppose, on many things. Thereafter we were joined by the two couples for some drinks in the garden. Adam's sister Charlotte (or Rat) and her boy Gary, and also Adam and his new catch of a girlfriend, Sharon. Who was lovely by the way. I talked about Africa with her and her future plans. I had a good time again. It's nice to have very little expectations because that usually means an incredible gain.