Leiri Kajaanin Shorinji Kempo 2004
25.-26.09.2004 Kajaani

Weekend training camp and Finnish Championships in HOKEI
25. - 26. september in Kajaani Finland

Shorinji Kempo kenshi from Finland were gathered in Kajaani 25.-26. of September. The theme of the camp was the pure and correct form of Shorinji Kempo hokei.

Also an experiment was done to have a “competition” of Hokei.  The idea was to make kenshi interested in pserving the traditional form of Shorinji Kempo

HOKEI means the basic form practice of Shorinji Kempo Techniques. This competition was judged by two judges and every participant had to do one obligatory HOKEI from her/his grade and one voluntary choised HOKEI from same grade. The obligatory hokei for yon kyu was for example Ryou-ken daj ichi and the voluntary was for example Tenchiken daj ihci. The point system was to count the mistakes by two judges and giving minus points from one hundred. The results of the obligatory and voluntary hokei were added and the maximum points were 200.

Our experience of this was that the kenshi were very enthusiastic of  practising this way, but the task of the judges is very difficult. It is easier two show correct forms than to put the mistakes of those on paper in short time. This kind of system maybe needs some extra technical help for example taking the hokei on video and trying to analyze them from the tape.  Here are the results:

Dan Series
Place   Name  Result.
1.  Suominen Panu      189 p.
2.  Koistinen Antti 186 p.
3.  Korpinen Juha 184 p.

Ikkyu Series
1.divided Mäki-Kuutti Kati 184 p.
1.divided Mäki-Kuutti Kirsi 184 p.

Yonkyu  Series
1. Roponen Teemu Emil 177 p.
2. Karppinen Markku 174 p.
3.  Ruotsalainen Toni 158 p.

Reported by Vesa Mäki-Kuutti Branch Master of Shorinji Kempo Kajaani Branch in Finland.

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