FSKF Training camp report Kajaani 2005
24.-25.09.2005 Kajaani

FINLAND SHORINJI KEMPO FEDERATION (FSKF) and Shorinji Kempo Kajaani Branch organized a
weekend training camp with Embu 24. - 25. september in Kajaani Finland

Kenshi from Branches in Finland: Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Kajaani were gathered in Kajaanihall.
The theme of the training session was to train the Embu's for national and International Taikai.

EMBU means a pair form practiced series of techniques and is juged by technical accurance, skilfullness, presentation attitude and impression of
Shorinji Kempo spirit.. This competition was judged by three judges.

We also divided roles to kenshi to give their impression of  the Embus. One kenshi looked for the purity of bodymovement and stances, another for accuracy of techniques and third the spirit, attitude and Ki. A video was also used.

 Results of the judjing:
  men  2.dan series Antti Koistinen / Panu Suominen  242 P

men  1.dan Teemu Kilpeläinen / Teppo Lindroos  236 P.
Teemu Kilpelainen and Teppo Lindroos were in  Japan Fukuissa 9. - 10.10.2005  Shorinji Kempo Embun World Championship Taikai in 1. Dan series on  13.th place with points 229.  The  winners were  Mr Matsumoto and  Mr Egushi from Japan, silver went to Indonesia and pronze to Japan.

women 1.dan    Kati Mäki-kuutti + Suvi Björqvist  140 P

After Trainig we had Finnish style Sauna.

Reported by Vesa Mäki-Kuutti Branch Master of Shorinji Kempo Kajaani Branch in Finland.

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