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Shibu cho - Branch Master  Vesa Mäki-Kuutti  Sandan  tel +358 50 5631806
- started Shorinji Kempo 1978 in Jyväskylä Branch with his two brothers
   Kari yondan Branch Master of Jyväskylä Branch and Timo sandan.
- Moved to Kajaani 1982
- started giving Shorinji Kempo practise 6.1.1986
- sandan graduating 24.5.1999 given by Mizuno Sensei
- member of the board of Finland Shorinji Kempo Federation
- clinical neuropsychologist by profession

Assistant Branch Master: Marko Karjalainen Nidan
Yokyo - Treasurer: Juha Korpinen Shodan

Practice times at Kajaani halli Ratakatu 2:

Tuesday 18-19.45, Trursday 19.00-21.00, Saturday 17.-19.

You can find Our Practice place (Dojo) from :Map of Kajaani


Link to  World Shorinji Kempo Organistion:WSKO

contacts to WSKO Branches in Finland also
members of Finland Shorinji kempo Federation
   .     Kari Mäki-Kuutti,  Branch Master Jyväskylän Shorinji Kempo r.y.
 Shorinji Kempo Jyväskylä Branch
Vesa Mäki-Kuutti, Branch Master Kajaanin Shorinji Kempo r.y.
tel. +358 50 5631806 E-mail: Vesa Mäki-Kuutti
Ilkka Virtanen Helsingin Shorinji Kempo ry. Branch Master
Shorinji Kempo Helsinki Branch
Juha Utriainen Branch Master, Säynätsalon Shorinji Kempo ry.
E-mail: Juha Utriainen
Seppo Ruusuvirta, Branch Master Hämeenlinnan Shorinji Kempo ry.
E-mail: Seppo Ruusuvirta          Hämeenlinna Branch
Shorinji Kempo Kajaani Branch
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