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Part One The Early Years from 1971 - 1984

Editor Vesa Mäki-Kuutti Sandan Shorinji Kempo
Branch Master of Kajaani Branch and official representative of
World Shorinji Kempo Organization in Finland. Text is checked
and modified also by Finland Shorinji Kempo Federation Branch Master
of Jyväskylä Branch Kari Mäki-Kuutti.

Preface: This history of Shorinji Kempo in Finland is written as we it
remember. There may be small mistakes and we are sorry about those.
The perspective is somehow subjective and is based on our long experience
and own memories of what happend. We would like to have
comments and corrections from the readers.

1971 Kempo starts in Finland by Sagata Fumiasu
Mr Sagata came to Finland 1971 to study economics.
He started teaching Shorinji Kempo at Jyväskylä University
officially year 1972. He was a nidan (later godan)from of
Rakuto-doin in Kyoto Japan. Mr Sagata stayed in Finland
about four years and moved then to Sweden and later he
founded a Finnish restaurant in Kyoto called Finlandia.

   Fumiasu Sagata and Vesa Mäki-Kuutti
   in Finlandia restaurang Kyoto 1989

With Mr Sagata started Shorinji Kempo Mr Bernard Lancin
from France who later returned to his home country.
One of the first students was  Mr Jaakko Katajamäki later
sandan, who founded the second Branch in Seinäjoki.
He is now a special teacher in Tampere Finland.
Mr Tarmo Marjanen started 1973
and was the second Branch Master of Jyväskylä Branch.
Non of these people practice Shorinji Kempo today..

Vesa Mäki-Kuutti, Shuichi Kawai and Kari Mäki-Kuutti
in Japan Kyoto 1989

1973 Shuichi Kawai comes to Finland and Mr  Juji Hirase to Sweden.
1973 Jyväskylä Branch was officially founded
Jyväskylä Branch was the seventh Shorinji kempo dojo outside Japan.
Also other japanese senseis Akio Matsushita and Yoshiyuki Morikawa
from Rakuto Doin visit Finland in the 1970’s.

From Rakuto Doin Sensei Morikawa Zeoh in the middle.

First Branch in Finland was Jyväskylä

Branch Masters of Jyväskylä Branch have been :
- Fumiasu Sagata 1972-1974,
- Tarmo Marjanen 1974-1979
- Timo Lehto 1980,
- Jaakko Katajamäki 1980-84,
- Kari Mäki-Kuutti 1984----

Tarmo Marjanen

Dojos were  1972-79 at Jyväskylä professional college and
University campus  Ryhtilä, and The Faculty of Sport Sciences.
1979-80 training was at Valkolan basic school, prof. College and
university  Ryhtilässä 5xweek. 1980 summer at  Hongikko
secondary school. Later at Jyväskylä Lyseum and local sports center.
Year 2001

(right)Branch Master of Jyväskylä Branch Kari Mäki-Kuutti  starting from year 1984 ---
(middle) Branch Master of Kajaani Branch Vesa Mäki-Kuutti
(left) Assistant Branch Master of Jyväskylä Branch Timo Mäki-Kuutti
They started shorinji Kempo in Year 1978 (term351) in Jyväskylä.

Year 1984 Timo Kari Vesa   Shodans
Year 1986 Timo        Kari         Vesa   Nidans

Second Branch was Seinäjoki 1977
1977 Seinäjoki Branch was founded by Mr Jaakko Katajamäki,
but the activity dies after  Jaska moves to Tampere .

 Jaakko Katajamäki at ease

Early Years Activities of Shorinji Kempo in Finland

1977-79  There is a friendship club in Saarijärvi.

In may 1978 Kari, Vesa and Timo Mäki-Kuutti start
Shorinji Kempo at Jyväskylä Branch after
Kari had been in reserve training in the army,
and saw Mr Marjanen do some Seiho with people
and broke some bones too. Then there was a presentation
with the Blue Eyes team in April at the university dojo.

1978 Morikawa sensei visits in Jyväskylässä in april and a trainig session is held.
22.11.1978 Mr Sagata Fumiasu (5.dan) gives a  regional training session in
Jyväskylä which has over 130 kenshi from Finland. Timo Lehto and Tiina
Saukkonen had their nidan test.

Training at Ryhtilä Jyväskylä 1979.
Arska ? and Mr ?

Pause in Training at Ryhtilä Jyväskylä 1979.
Standing Kari on the right.

During the training session at the technical school Mr Marjanen
asked Mr Sagata to throw him with Judo style seoinage in order
to prove that a good standing would prevent the throw.  While trying
this Mr Sagata managed to tear apart Mr Marjanens dogi  so that
he had two peaces of the gi on both hands and the rest was left on
Mr Marjanen. The fun in this story was that in fact the gi was lended
by Mr Marjanen to Sensei and so Mr M had broken his own gi.

1978 The first National Summer Camp was in Saarijärvi.
Teachers were Tarmo Marjanen (3.dan) and Kauko Uusoksa (2.dan).

1979 Finland the Second national summer camp was in Saarijärvi.
Teachers were Mr Jaakko Katajamäki (3.dan) and Mr Tarmo Marjanen (3.dan).

Saarijärvi 1980

During Saarjärvi summer camps there was the legendary
morning jump marching in the Pine forest bare footed.
The Dojo floor was also rough tree and very sticky.

Second legend was the burning mark of V, which came
in the evening Sauna to Vesku’s forehead, while falling
it to the iron owen.

Third Branch was Helsinki
1980 Helsinki Branch  was founded by Mr Tarmo Marjanen (4.dan).
Branch Masters of Helsinki have been - Tarmo Marjanen (5.dan)1980-1984,
Tiina Saukkonen (3.dan)1984-86,  - Ilkka Virtanen (4.dan)1986 since today
Tiina Saukkonen Helsinki second Branch Master 1986

1981 WSKO first kamoku is recieved and makes it easier to teach and learn.
1982 Shorinji Kempo practice starts in Kajaani.

First local training session in Kajaani april 1986

1982 A national camp is held at  Jyväskylässä
Lyceum with some kenshi from Sweden.

1983 4.-5.2. an international camp is held in Jyväskylässä Lyceum.

1983 Mr Tarmo Marjanen 4.dan and Mr Roy Colegate (3.dan)
arrange a camp in Helsingki, with kenshi from Finland and Sweden.
(Article of this camp in  Budoka-Paper 1983/6 pages 5-7.)

1983 July an international camp and Nordisk Taikai in Visbyssä Sweden.
Teacher Mr Roy Colegate (BSKF) and a lot of kenshi from Finland take part
( Juha utriainen, Aila Utriainen, Jukka Autiomäki, Pekka Autiomäki. Other
teachers Mr Tarmo Marjanen 4.dan, Tiina Saukkonen 3. dan, Roger Sjöström
3.dan, Leif Larsson 2. dan, Dennis Jersewski 2.dan Graham Nabbs 2.dan (BSKF).up

1984 24.-26.2. A national camp in Jyväskylässä Lyceum. Teacher MrMarjanen.

1984 8.-14.7. In Visbyssä Sweden teacher Mr Roy Colegate
(BSKF) and  Leif Larsson 2. dan, Dennis Jersewski
2.dan Graham Nabbs 2.dan (BSKF).

Visby 1984
Kari Vesa ??? Leo Rami Juha Masi ??? Aila

Nordic mästerskap tävling Embu also taking part Kari ja Vesa Mäki-Kuutti.
During the Embu Kari managed to throw Vesa under the judges table.
Comment from the watchers was : "I thought You are going to kill each other"???

PM Embu Taikai Visby 1984

9.10.1984 Mr Tarmo Marjanen does not follow the Hombu practising
program and makes throuble in practise and causes a beginning of fire after
alcohol drinking an is therefore released from his duties in the Shorinji Kempo Organization.
After returning to Finland he starts his own style with Tiina Saukkosen in Helsinki,
but the activity is finished in a few years..

The government of Jyväskylä Shorinji Kempo is reorganized, and a change of generation happens.

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