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WSKO new manji starting year 2005

The central design element, paired circles (so-en) designed to overlap each other,
expresses a harmony of yin and yang, of strength and love. The surrounding shields
represent the protection of truth, correct teaching, and justice, and the four dots inside
the shields represent an Eastern idea of Heaven, Earth, yin, and yang.

The circle is an expression of the manji in its ultimate form. The manji expresses
auspicious beginnings, the root of life, and the flowing universe. Fundamentally,
the symbol is used with omote manji and ura manji paired, and it symbolizes harmony.
omote manji symbolizes compassion and love, and ura manji symbolizes intelligence and
power. In SHORINJI KEMPO, these elements made harmonious and united are regarded
as the very core of thought and action in living as a human being, and this is none other
than the spirit of riki ai funi.

In SHORINJI KEMPO the omote manji symbol has been attached to the breast of training
clothes since the founding. However, in some countries we cannot use the manji, This is
because it tends to remind people of the swastika of the German Nazi Party.

In Shorinji Kempo in Finland we have used symbol omotemanji years to 1983 and ken-manji
1984 to 2005 and the new symbol from 2005. In the old manji was the letter "ken" meant
fist inside a lillyrose.

Note!  The copyright of the symbol of Shorinji Kempo is property of Shorinji Kempo Unity WSKO.

Timo, Vesa, Kari
The Old symbols of Kajaani Brach year 2000 on back and old breast badges in picture of
WSKO term 351-in may 1978 started kenshi (from left) Timo 3.dan treasurer of FSKF,
Vesa 3.dan Branch Master of Kajaani Branch and Kari  4.dan Branch Master of Jyväskylä Branch.

Under You can see all My (Vesa) Manjis from 1978 to today
in 1970's the colour of manji told the degree of belt and the text country
in 1980's manjin colur was belt degree and text Branch.
in 1990's Manji told which part of the world (europe -ken manji) and  Branch
Since 2001 official Manji was Ken in Rose, surrounded with text of country and branch.
Now since 2005 Shorinji Kempo Manji is united and same in all WSKO branches around the world.
Manji 1978 kyu asteet, Omote manji in sanskit Love

Manji 1980 Dan

Manji 1982  Kyu

Manji 1984 Dan

Manji 1992  Jyväskylä Branch Finland

Manji 2001  Kajaani Branch Finland

Manji 1.4.2005 of WSKO, trademark by Shorinji Kempo Unity
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-- skkaj,manjienglish 27.09.2006