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Kajaani Shorinji Kempo takes new members during January-February and August-September.
Come to the dojo on tuesday at18 or thursday at 19 in Kajaani halli,  kahvio
Third floor

SHORINJI KEMPO is a Japanese martial art that focuses in self-defence and personal development of individual people. It is suitable for both women and men. Shorinji Kempo develops your ability to defend yourself, gives you better physical condition, helps your concentration, gives you self confidence in difficult situations, gives you possibility to get acquinted with other Shorinji Kempo kenshi home and abroad. It gives you possibility also to learn philosphy and it has active international connections to 31 countries. 

Shorinji is Japanese and means Shaolin in Chinese. 
Ken means the fist and Do means the way. Po or Do means the way.
Shaolin temple is in Honan province in China from where many budo arts origin.

In Japan  Shorinji Kempo was brought and in modern form founded 60 years ago by Kancho So Doshin (1911-1980).   Today the Hombu of Shorinji Kempo is in the town of Tadotsu on Shikoku island. The amount of Shorinji Kempo kenshi in Japan alone is 1,5 million.

Year 1992 founded and 2000 as a branch registered Kajaani Branch is a member of Finland Shorinji Kempo Federation , World Shorinji Kempo Organization  and Kainuu sport assosiation.

Hombu Dojo Japan 1989 
Traditional starting with drums.
WE START NEW BASIC COURSE IN AUGUST AND JANUARY EVERY YEAR.  Come to dojo in Kajaani hall. Inquiries prom the president of the club, Branch Master  Vesa Mäki-Kuutti gsm. +358 50 5631806 or e-mail: vesa(AT)shorinjikempo.fi.
(AT) = @.

 Practise times :
-TUESDAY  18-19.45 a'clock Kajaanihalli kahvio
-THURSDAY19-21 a'clock Kajaanihallin kahvio
-SATURDAY 17-19 a'clock Kajaanihallin musiikkiliikunta
(saturday training only from september to may)
In July dojo closed.

Basic course takes 4-6 months (minimum. 50 trainings),
after which a Yonkyu test for yeallow belt is given.

Price of  basic course is 75 € including:
- membership fee
- technical list of basic course, minarai advise, 
- registration fee for Kajaani Branch, FSKF and WSKO 
- dojo fees during the course until the test 
- first  (yellow) belt graduating fee. 

Membership fee for the old kenshi is 8 €/month.
Graduating fees starting from 3 kyu with 25 €. 

NOTICE!  Kajaani Branch has no junior activities also the practise is not recommended for people under 15 years.

Read more about kenshies experiencing  Shorinji Kempo from here:

You can start training with sportswear trousers and a T-shirt (white). Price of Dogi (total white gi) change from  40-80 € according to the quality and company. Official gi from Japan should be used from the year 2008.

Graduating system: 
*Minarae , beginner white belt
*Yellow belt- Yon kyu 4.th kyu
minimum practise time 4-6months,50 times
*Green belt - sankyu  3.kyu 
practise time 6-9 months after grad.
*Blue belti- nikyu, 2. kyu 
practise time about. 9-12 months after last grad.
*Brown belt - ikkyu , 1. kyu 
practise time about. 12 months
*Black belt 1.dan minimum 17 years age and 
practise time about 12 months

Jyväskylä 1980 Ryhtilä Dojo
Timo Julio Vesa Kari

In Finland  Shorinji Kempo was started by Mr Fumiasu Sagata  1972 at the University of Jyväskylä Ryhtilä Dojo.
More about history of Shorinji Kempo in Finland here:

SHIBUCHO  = Branch Master, Chukenshi, Vesa Mäki-Kuutti.
Founder of Kajaani Branch 3.dan black belt.
Pictures Copyright(c) Vesa ja Timo Mäki-Kuutti 2003-2006. All Right Reserved
It is possible to have a shodan after 4-5 years of practise. Dan grades exist from on 1-8 dan. Graduating can be given only by a Branch Master or an Officer appointed by World Shorinji Kempo Organization. Branch Master is officially registered and named by WSKO, and must be at least 3.dan and committed to teaching of only Shorinji Kempo. 

Graduating can also be given by an official Coach pointed by WSKO to the Branch or pointed by the Finland Shorinji Kempo Federation.

Kajaani 1989 outdoot stance, 
Activity started in Kajaani as a subclub of Jyväskylä Branch 6.1.1986
Shorinji Kempo practise includes: 
Warm Up and Stretching
Kihon - basic techniques
Shutai - Pair forms Goho and Juho
Hokei - practise of applying Juho and Goho
Seiho - use of acupuncture points
EMBU- pair form presentation , embu-taikai means embu-competition
Gakka - the basic philosophy of Shorinji Kempo system and teachings of the founder So Doshin

  DOJO: Kajaanihalli, Ratakatu 2 Kajaani, look for red ball


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